Why Am I Here?

Hiya! It’s Nicole!

Some of the (few) readers of this blog may be wondering – why are you in math club? How did you know that this was what you were passionate about?

I figured out that I loved math this past summer. It took a long time, I know! I had liked math through elementary and middle school, mostly because it was easy for me. I liked how logical it was – there were systems and orders and ways to proceed that were commonly accepted, though you could deviate slightly. The fact that everything compounded on everything else was nice too – it made things simple to understand, and the progression made sense. There weren’t many times then that I asked, “Why are we learning this?”

What I really needed was a challenge. This past summer I took a Geometry course in six weeks. It was pretty crazy! But with that craziness came a lot of fun – fun I hadn’t had before in math. Maybe it was the whirling circles and tangents and variables in my head, but something stuck and I realized – I love this. I went into Algebra 2, then placed out of it into Precalculus. For a little while it was daunting, but the insurmountable pile of information and things to explore soon became exciting, not overwhelming.

Derek presented about his idea for a math club in Assembly. I didn’t immediately know that I wanted to do it, but the more I thought about it, the better it seemed. Then, the first meeting, the second, several Assembly presentations and a Project Week later, and I’m here!

Everyone has a story for what they’re passionate about – what’s yours?



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